Article Forge 2020 Review – Is It Any Good?

April 8th, 2019

Article Forge 2020 Review - Is It Any Good?

After seeing a shilled post on LinkedIn for Article Forge, I decided to test it out myself.
Whilst word spinners are nothing new, anything touting the use of a “deep understanding algorithm” is ALWAYS going to bait me into finding out more.

Typically, traditional white hat SEO experts are vehementlyย against the use of word spinners to spin up countless content, because the value of useful, evergreen contentย is so highly regarded.

However, I prefer to keep an open mind and test things before determining its usefulness, so I’ve tried out their free trial and here are the results:

article forge review keywords

Main Keyword Used: Article Spinner

Supplementary Keywords:ย Best article spinner software, readable. AI spinner, using artificial intelligence, simple english, quality content



I have to say, it’s pretty fast. I waited for about a minute for a lengthy 864 word count copy.

2020 Update: This time around it took around 3 minutes for a 591 word count copy


Using WebFx’s Readability Test Tool, results were as follows:

readability test

From a Readability Indices standpoint, the article is at a pretty good level.

2020 Update:ย 

readability indices 2020

Readability Indices was even lower this time around, which is a good thing.



For this, I’ve used the Quetext plagiarism checker, but you can use Copyscape if you have an account, as I have the article in full at the bottom of this post.

plagiarism tes

The final score for this test was a 3% match, which is perfectly passable for the true definition of “unique”.

2020 Update: There was a 0% match, which is an absolute win!


OK, so this is ultimately the most important factor – does the article actually make any sense?

All in all, it’s not the worst article I have read from a content spinner.
However, heavy editing is required because there are definitely sections that are… interesting at best and completely incomprehensible at worst.

Some worthy highlights:

“Writing your very own original content can have a fantastic deal of time.” <- I’m having a fantastic deal of time right now

“Other-abled users using screen readers may require some sort of ARIA-flavoring within your placeholder components.” <- Does it taste like chicken?

“Article spinning software is a total waste of time and money.” <- Oof

“There is it and that is through article marketing.” <- That’s some Yoda level Engrish

“Paraphrasing your content by hand is surely the classic and most dependable approach that is dissolving slowly.” <- I feel my brain dissolving slowly reading this

2020 Update: This time around, the quality of the article was of a much higher quality – the use of less theatrical synonyms in their algorithm means that the copy is less flowery, but also means there is less margin for syntactic and semantic errors.

The only nitpicky things I picked up on were very simple errors such as:

“..if you are having a hard time getting the traffic to your website”
“… drive visitors to your site with a poor-quality content”

Overall, a much-improved article compared to last year’s version.


I’ve used their 5 Day Free Trial, which requires you to enter your credit card details (I personally hate this practice), but you get a choice of the following price plans:

article forge pricing

2020 Update: Pricing for the Article Forge plans have gone up, although not by much.

article forge pricing

Value – Is Article Forge Worth It?

The big question – Is it worth it?

At $US47/monthย  (that’s around $AUD66/month), it’s one of the more expensive word spinners on the market.
Of course, there’s also a yearly subscription you can get for $US297/year (~$AUD418/year)

The only one that charges more is – surprise surprise, WordAI, which is another “AI-driven” word spinner.
What are the chances that there’s another web based word spinner that uses “artificial intelligence”?
Pretty high, considering that they’re both owned by the same company – Cortx.

So should you fork out the cash for Article Forge?

If you are looking for something quick and easy to pump out articles for your Web 2.0 tier 2-3 sites, then by all means, although I have a feeling if you’re in this demographic you already have a much better (and cheaper) solution to spin content.

For everyday agencies and businesses that want to curate content for their customers, Article Forge falls short. Like you may have already guessed, if you want to curate exciting, useful, evergreen content – the best way to do it is still the oldschool way. Do topical research, get an experienced human copywriter (we are absolute fans of the team over at Social Grace Marketing) to write the copy and then have your SEO agency optimise it for search.

2020 Update: With the improved spinning quality of Article Forge 2.0, the content is of a much higher (legible) quality. However, with the new pricing Article Forge 2.0 still remains one of the most expensive article spinners on the market. Given this, I would still recommend getting an experienced human copywriter for important copy, and for web 2.0’s get the yearly plan for maximum value.

For full transparency, here is the article I had spun from Article Forge in all of it’s glory:

The Most Incredibly Ignored Answer for Article Spinner

There are an assortment of methods you are able to employ. You must have high quality and special content on your site. For this reason, you’ll discover that publishing very good quality, relevant articles regularly will result in a consistent readership composed of individuals who trust you.

Top Choices of Article Spinner

Now you’re totally free to compose your own mind about me. Keep in mind, you’re only on the lookout for ideas, not for content you may rehash and pass off as your very own original idea. Unique individuals have various ideas about what HubPages is, and the way to utilize it.ย  The simple truth is that creating your own content involves a good deal of brainstorming, researching, writing and editing if you wish to provide premium quality content to your consumers. It is possible to click on such a word to come back to the original. If you shoot for 500-700 words of superior content, you will get a better likelihood of your readers coming back as it’ll be less difficult to digest.

The main benefit of article rewriting and spinning is the fact that it can help you create articles which take months to make. A prominent advantage of article marketing is it makes you more credible in your specialty. A great benefit to article marketing is that it may be used to raise the level of your credibility in your specialty. So, you’re able to truly be making money whilst sleeping. Writing your very own original content can have a fantastic deal of time.

Article Spinner Secrets

The user might need to describe the things that they do for a living so they can be in a community close to things they may likeartists near galleries. If he see’s a property that they like, they want to be able to enter the address and see what the community is like. He will want to be able to be in a specific location and find out about what is around them. Other-abled users using screen readers may require some sort of ARIA-flavoring within your placeholder components.

As soon as you have purchased he software you’re going to be redirected to the member’s area when you have all that you need with full tutorials. The software does the difficult work for you and there are plenty of tutorials on the member’s site. Thus, it’s better to buy article spinning software than to write as much content manually. Article spinning software is a total waste of time and money.

The very first point to consider is whether you need or desire a tool you are able to utilize to work offline. Therefore an article spinning tool serves as the best way in spinning considerable amounts of content. Hope you discover the ideal tool! Think of what it is you would like to accomplish and search for the tool that has the qualities to create that happen. The Paraphrasing tool can help you to get quality content.

There ought to be somewhere to add Alternate Author Names so that you may keep your articles separate between authors. Another way to receive articles is Private Label Rights articles that it is possible to use as your own. Other men and women have published the guide to satisfy their own requirements and CTAsnot yours. Say, writing a most important article can be completed in one hour, additional articles in the exact same subject can be achieved in a briefer period like half an hour. Writing your own articles however is a true pain for the majority of people. Uploading your own articles to unique regions on the web to publicize your website is very good for SEO purposes.

For once, stop contemplating optimizing your site altogether and consider what you really need to say. 1 way of promoting your site is by way of article advertising. There is it and that is through article marketing. You understand how extremely annoying it’s to click on websites which don’t really provide something. Your competitor’s website, for instance, is already an extraordinary way to begin. If a website doesn’t get a stream of traffic, it will certainly fail to earn any sales and the on-line company will fail. Save time writing content so you may advertise your site or company in various ways.

You receive the same range of content without the bother of figuring out the best way to manually write all of it. Before submitting, it’s vital that you read over your content to make sure the full article is there. Paraphrasing your content by hand is surely the classic and most dependable approach that is dissolving slowly. If you’re writing content that is genuinely related to your site, you will always discover a means to insert no less than a couple of keywords into the flow. Everyone is able to utilize to create one-of-a-kind and naturally-flowing content. A distinctive and original content can be helpful for reputation of writer and may also function as a supporter for those websites it promotes. The better quality content means you’ll have better opportunities to draw in more visitors to your site.

2020 Update Article Forge 2.0 Article below:

Best Article Spinner Software
A simple and highly effective article spinner program, that is not going to cost you a fortune is the Best Article Spinner Software. If you are having a hard time getting the traffic to your website, then the last thing you need is to spend thousands of dollars to drive visitors to your site with a poor-quality content. The content you put out on the internet will determine how many people will visit your site, and if they are not interesting to read then they will just move on.
Articles Spinners are designed to help you get more readers to your website. You will be amazed at how much you can build up your website with this kind of tool. Using the services of this software will give you the flexibility you require for the contents of your website.
There are thousands of article spinner software available in the market. Each one will claim to be the best one out there. However, all of them can do the same job.
You may have already noticed that many of the top ranking websites use software that is not only fast but also has a high page rank. This is because they know that you want the best content and not get by with poor quality. They know that you won’t be interested in reading a boring article.
I am going to explain in this article, how you can find the best articles spinners, so that you can actually use them and get quality content. The article spinner is a very powerful tool and I believe that most companies that use this tool are not marketing it in the right way.
When I started using article spinner software, I was told that I would not be able to add videos or images to my site. Therefore, I did not try. In the end I was surprised when I discovered that they were able to add these to my site, and it worked very well.
One of the first things that I noticed is that I was able to get quality content in a very short time. Once I built up my site, I was amazed when I found that I was getting good traffic. The content I was providing was very interesting and had a lot of keywords in it.
I was also very pleased with the fact that I was able to get quality content without spending a lot of money. The software I used was offered for free, so I figured that I had nothing to lose.
The Best Article Spinner Software will allow you to add more content to your site by a few hundred links a month. It will also keep track of your web page rank and monitor the amount of time people spend on your site.
The features that are offered are excellent, and the basic technical support is free. If you are looking for an article spinner software that does not cost a fortune and is easy to use then I recommend you look no further than the best article spinner software.
The Best Article Spinner Software will make it extremely easy for you to build up a large amount of traffic. It will also help you manage your SEO by automatically placing keywords into your content.
The Best Article Spinner Software will help you get the links to your site that you need and increase your profits. It is the best article spinner software that you can get your hands on.