Case Study

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Change is the lifeblood of our industry.

From humble beginnings...

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Weโ€™ve had challenges and struggles. Late nights and tight deadlines. Too much coffee and not enough sleep.

Weโ€™ve continued to grow...

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But all of that experience; working on new and unique projects, sharing our collective knowledge, in turn growing our team...

Into what we are today.

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Has helped us evolve into something weโ€™re pretty proud of.

We want to ensure weโ€™re accessible to everyone.

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Weโ€™ve done extensive testing to ensure our website passes WCAG 2.0 A and AA contrast tests for optimum readability.

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Every inch of our website is accessible, with screen readers being able to read every piece of content and image on our site.

We believe that collaboration means everyone gets a seat at the table and we wanted our website to reflect that.

We want you to explore our business your way.

Digital Meal website on monitorDigital Meal website on IPADDigital Meal website on IPAD

It doesnโ€™t matter what device youโ€™re using, weโ€™ve optimised our site to be responsive on all devices, including mobiles and tablets. Explore our business the way you want to.

We wanted our branding to better reflect what weโ€™ve grown into.

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Desktop monitor with picture of new Digital Meal Website

By looking at our existing branding we took feedback from the public to critically analyse what worked... and what didnโ€™t.

Our Logo

Digital Meal logo on IPAD
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The tessellation of our logo represents our team coming together, working harmoniously to achieve a goal. The vector style we chose reflects our shared love for video games.

Our Typefaces

ROBOTO is our main typeface. We use it for it's readability and flexability.

OSWALD is our secondary typeface. It has great character and is fun without being too crazy.

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Why fix something that isnโ€™t broken? By utilising the flexibility of our existing typefaces, Roboto and Oswald, weโ€™ve adopted a friendly yet professionally accessible look.

Our Colours

CMYK: 100-78-34-107

RGB: 15-66-107

HEX: 0F426B

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Another aspect weโ€™ve retained from our existing branding is our signature blue. By adding a secondary hue, we believe weโ€™ve achieved a lighter feel that compliments our tone of voice and creates a more personable atmosphere.

Our Visual Tone

Meet section of Digital Meal homepageExtrapolate section of Digital Meal homepageAnalyze section of Digital Meal homepageLaunch section of Digital Meal homepage
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We donโ€™t believe that working with a digital agency has to be a cold and impersonal affair. We want to create an enjoyable experience for our clients, to enjoy our work as much as we do! We wanted to create a visual tone that was suitable for a digital medium, but also providing a sense of familiarity.