Conversion Rate Optimisation

A conversion is an actionable lead that someone makes on your website. This could be filling out a quote form, calling your business, purchasing a product or making a booking. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the key process in increasing the rate of sales/leads from visitors to your website.

So, you can imagine the benefits of CRO: A mere increase of just 1% in conversion rate with around 1000 visitors to your site is an extra 10 sales! Just imagine your ROI when your conversion rate increases beyond the 3% website average?

The foundation of CRO is correct conversion tracking. Digital Meal focuses on honest and accurate tracking of leads that generate you a positive ROI. Coupled with a solid SEO and Digital Marketing strategy, the number of leads generated from your website traffic is tracked, monitored, and then analysed. After this we make improvements to your marketing strategies, UX and website design improvements (A/B and multivariate testing, anyone?) to generate more qualified leads – which is more profit in your pocket!

floating coins to represent all the extra revenue you get from CRO
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Here at Digital Meal, we are experts in the use of Google Analytics and Tag Manager to ensure that you get the most reliable source of data, including accurate lead tracking for optimal channel funnel analysis and strategy implementation. After we implement any testing or changes the results are presented to you in a detailed report – if something doesn’t work as well as it should be, you’ll know.

If you want to start improving the quality of your website leads, contact Digital Meal today!

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