Case Study

Segals Outdoor Furniture

The Project

Creating a modern, responsive e-commerce site that highlights their unique Mix & Match feature and more clearly guides site visitors through the purchasing process.

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The Brand

Their logo and iconic shade of blue were the only branding elements we were asked to carry over to the newly designed site, giving us relatively free reign to create a new look for the site.


Planning is crucial for any project. By doing extensive research and working closely with the client we were able to create a new site layout.


We introduced several elements into the site to improve the user experience:

Custom Filters

Each product category has it’s own specific filter, allowing customers to find exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible.


The search functionality of the site has been completely updated. We took great care ensuring the search bar instantly began linking queries to products ensuring easy navigation for customers.


The entire layout of the site was redesigned from the ground up to ensure the most pertinent information was shown to site visitors, getting them to the products they are looking for even faster.


Being fully responsive is absolutely necessary in today’s marketplace. Through rigorous testing we ensured every element transitioned smoothly between desktop and mobile version of the site.

The Finished Product

Finished Website

UI Elements


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C: 100%, M: 47%, Y: 0%, K: 49%

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Buttons & Elements



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