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SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is the method of ‘optimising’ your site so that you can be visible in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to rank for keywords and key phrases which will bring you valuable visitors and increase online revenue.

SEO is known as generating ‘organic‘ sometimes referred to as ‘free’ traffic – as unlike Adwords/PPC, you don’t pay for visitors to go to your website from the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). It’s a key part of marketing that all Brisbane business & company owners should be thinking about.

Brisbane SEO services

Why do I need Brisbane SEO services?

Require Brisbane SEO services? Looking for experts to handle your SEO strategies? Want to reach your businesses target audience and beat your competitors?

Search Engine Optimization is a part of SEM – that is, Search Engine Marketing. Just like traditional marketing, the aim with SEO is to generate business and increase website traffic, the only difference is Search Engine Optimisation is a long(er) term process.

Unlike traditional marketing where you pay to place your ad in a local newspaper (for example), with SEO you are playing the long game – valuable and essentially ‘free’ organic traffic that increases your ROI over time when done right.

Real SEO results, no lock-in contracts

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The big buzzword in Search Engine Optimisation which all Brisbane SEO companies (and pesky SEO ‘consultants’) throws around is Rankings.

The fact is, too many SEO companies in Brisbane throw around the promise of a #1 Keyword Ranking guarantee to their clients before knowing anything about your business, your website, your local competitors or even your industry.

That’s a recipe for disaster.

The purpose of Search Engine Optimisation is to achieve rankings for your website for non branded search terms to supplement your brand marketing strategy so that you get the right type of visitors which will lead to qualified leads/sales. Building a quality SEO strategy takes time, but the pay-off and increased business is worth it.

A Digital Meal SEO strategy offers you indepth keyword research, high-quality backlinks through organic link building, planning, research on competitors and implementation to achieve rankings for the keywords that will get you the visitors you want, not a whole bunch of meaningless #1 keyword rankings that will lead to unqualified leads and hurt your branding in the long run.

Here at Digital Meal, we tailor your SEO services & strategy to your business and quote based off your Return On Investment, not on the number of keywords.

We only care about one thing – to boost your visibility for online growth and generate revenue – not #1 rankings for a lot of low value keywords and worthless backlinks.

I want an actual Brisbane SEO specialist

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Google highly recommend that the best SEO practices (white hat SEO) are always used. However, just like in every industry, there are always shady professionals that will try and scam you for a quick buck.

SEO has proven value and is definitely a must-have in your overall digital marketing strategy for your Brisbane business, but there are some out there that are impatient and want to take the ‘easy route’ instead of building a long term SEO strategy for your business.

Unfortunately, if not done right, the ‘microwave approach’ (known as black hat SEO) can sometimes land you with a penalty, if Google decide to “audit” your website and link building strategy. We highly recommend you check with your current Brisbane SEO marketing agency, to ensure they aren’t using any black hat SEO techniques and are gaining quality backlinks to your site as it can cost your business a lot in the long run.

A penalty is the aftereffect of having Google’s ever changing algorithm penalizing your website for not following their guidelines or by your Brisbane SEO company using black hat SEO. Many businesses have suffered from receiving one of these penalties.

In some cases where an agency lands a site with a manual penalty due to shady tactics, it can take a very long and expensive journey to try and get back into Google’s good graces. Meanwhile, with no visibility in search engines and no way to reach your audience, you’ve just lost your online presence, a lot [insert an enormous number] of organic traffic and, you guessed it – lost sales for your business.

SEO experts Digital Meal can help Brisbane businesses & business owners that have been burned by bad Search Engine Optimisation practices and slapped with a penalty, as well as having our own No Penalty Guarantee. We always follow the best SEO practices (white hat SEO) and create an SEO strategy that works for you and your business.

Our SEO quotes are always customised to YOUR business/company and local market, not a generic run-of-the-mill contract. This is key when building an SEO strategy that works for our clients.

SEO services we provide (but not limited to)

Looking for Brisbane search engine optimization services? If you want high quality SEO, to increase your organic traffic, improve your online presence, grow your business, get on top of your competitors and have the Digital Meal SEO team explain how you can reach your target audience, get more visitors and generate sales from Search Engine Optimisation – Contact us today!

Brisbane SEO FAQs

After you sign up, we will begin the research phase of the SEO campaign.
As part of your personalised quote, the timeline and list of actionable tasks will be outlined so you know exactly what we’re doing.

A successful SEO campaign should give you the following results:

  • Increase in website traffic from organic search.
  • A higher conversion rate.
  • A better position on relevant SERPs.
  • More high-quality backlinks.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Local Adelaide Exposure

All Brisbane SEO companies have their own method of communicating results to the client. You may be assigned an account manager – or you may communicate with the project team directly.

At Digital Meal, you will be able to communicate directly with the SEO team working on your website.

No reputable SEO agency will provide a warranty on search position. Rankings are changing all the time — and vary according to location (especially when focusing on Local SEO).
Besides, there are more important metrics to consider. What really matters to your business — search position or traffic and increased sales?

Whilst keywords & rankings are a key proponent of SEO, the ultimate goal is organic growth and leads (or sales).

For this reason, our SEO strategies don’t focus on “choosing a certain number of keywords”, but rather on “how much more traffic and leads you’d like?”, in turn increasing your online presence and revenue.

Only a highly out of touch SEO marketing agency or company would charge based on a “number of keywords” basis.

Yes. One of the most critical elements & key parts of SEO is to stay on top of algorithm changes.

Google updates its algorithm several times per year. While they do not usually make the details public, we know how to interpret what they mean for our clients and how to edit your SEO strategy to work accordingly.

Due to the nature of SEO services, it’s impossible to guarantee results.

And you should be extremely wary of any SEO marketing agency or company that make big promises like this to their clients.

Most Brisbane SEO agencies require you to sign a contract. However, at Digital Meal we don’t have any lock-in contracts for our clients.

A successful SEO campaign should give you the following results:

  • Increase in website traffic from organic search.
  • A higher conversion rate.
  • A better position on relevant SERPs.
  • More high-quality backlinks.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Local Brisbane exposure

A SERP — or Search Engine Results Page — is what a user sees once they’ve submitted their query to the search engine, such as Google or Bing.

It contains a list of websites relevant to their search — including both organic results and paid advertisements. This is where we want to see your website after implementing SEO strategies.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to activities you (or a company) do to increase organic visibility and get you more website traffic from search results such as Google or Bing.

They focus on getting your website a higher ranking in the search results for relevant keywords and generating a positive return on investment for your business. Online marketing strategies with a solid foundation will help you scale up your business, generating more leads & increasing business.

In the early days of SEO, it wasn’t unusual to see people using unethical strategies to increase their position in the search results.

These violate the terms set by Google — and you should avoid them at all costs. Black hat SEO techniques include:

  • Paying for backlinks to increase your backlink profile,
  • Keyword stuffing in website content (using the same keyword too much on one page),
  • Using invisible text in your website content to trick the search engine.

Digital Meal recommend only using white hat SEO services & optimisation techniques to ensure your website won’t be penalized by Google.

So how much does SEO cost? Although low-cost SEO services and packages exist, it’s important to remember you get what you pay for.

As SEO & search engine marketing are unregulated industries, it’s possible for anyone to set up and call themselves SEO experts. It’s important you verify the credentials of any company before you hand over the cash — but cheap packages should be one of your red flags as they usually involve black hat techniques.

Inbound links are those your website receives from other relevant websites. Internal links are those you include on your website, linking to other individual pages of your own website.

Both are important – so don’t neglect inbound links when creating a new piece of content.

It’s important to set realistic, achievable and clear goals to help you on your SEO journey. A good place to start is your website traffic flow.

How much traffic are you currently getting from organic search and how much would you like to see it increase by?

Many people ask how long does SEO take before you start to see results? After six months of consistent marketing efforts, you should expect to be seeing some return on your investment and some of your key performance indicators being reached.

Your website might not be ranked #1 on the first page of Google search results by this point — but if you’re seeing increased relevant traffic and sales from organic search, your SEO service is working.

Make sure the keywords appear in the page title tags, the URL and the meta description. You should also use them in the first paragraph of your content — and a few times throughout your page content.

Don’t overdo it however. Google recommends your website pages and landing pages use relevant/engaging content and are written for a human audience, not for the Google search bots. This means too many keywords (keyword stuffing) can hurt your organic rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing. Just use enough keywords in your content to let Google know what product or service the page is about and let your excellent content to do the rest.

If you want to learn SEO for your business, there are many great places to start.

Start with some of the popular SEO blogs — such as Moz and Search Engine Journal — to learn from the best in the industry.

The best SEO strategies start with a thorough understanding of the audience. Who is your ideal customer? What are their biggest problems and challenges? What keeps them awake at night? Why would they be searching for your product or service?

Get inside your audience’s mind to figure out what they’re looking for when they use Google.

There are many other popular techniques to include in your strategy:

The key is to focus on “white hat” SEO techniques and avoid “black hat” SEO techniques that may harm your organic rankings.

If your website puts search users at risk, this could put you on Google’s blacklist. This includes:

  • Websites that contain malware,
  • Websites with suspected phishing scams,
  • Illegal content,
  • Buying or selling backlinks.

If your website isn’t ranking, don’t despair. There are a few possible explanations, such as:

  • There’s a lot of competition for your keywords,
  • You’ve chosen the wrong keywords,
  • You’re missing a piece of the SEO puzzle,
  • You haven’t given it long enough.

The good news is you can work through all of them and identify the ranking factor(s) that is stopping you from getting the results you desire.

It’s natural for your rankings to fluctuate slightly. The search rankings in engines such as Google and Bing are constantly changing as the websites around you work on their SEO (either intentionally or unintentionally).

These natural variations should reduce as your page ranking gets closer to the top.

We like to think so!
With many years experience, a big part of what makes us SEO experts is that we believe in data-based testing. This means that any strategies, page optimisation or technical SEO performance recommendations we make for your SEO campaign have already been backtested by us to ensure a positive return. With a heavy focus on white hat proven SEO services, we work with our clients to develop a long term SEO strategy that guarantees results from your online marketing, turning your website into a lead generating machine!
We also don’t need to resort to cheap tricks like buying exact match domains to rank.

Not at all! Here at Digital Meal we are a full-service online marketing agency. This means we not only do we provide a high quality SEO service, but we also manage Adwords (Google Ads) campaigns, provide Google my business optimisation services, run social media marketing campaigns, as well as branding and graphic design.

Whilst we have never claimed to be the best Brisbane SEO company, we definitely claim to be the best SEO agency for our clients!
Our SEO campaigns have never failed to deliver positive ROI, with certainty in delivering improved organic traffic and revenue.
We like to consider ourselves quiet achievers, the ones that do the work that’s necessary to get you the results you need – besides, anyone that needs to tell everyone they are “the best” have something to prove.
Our results speak for themselves – there’s no parades and fanservice, just pure SEO 🥇

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Digital Meal Brisbane Explains: What is SEO?
Digital Meal Brisbane Explains: What is SEO?

Brisbane SEO Agency Digital Meal explains the basics of SEO and how it can help your business.

Digital Meal Brisbane Explains: What is SEO?
Digital Meal Brisbane Explains: What is SEO?

Brisbane SEO Agency Digital Meal explains the basics of SEO and how it can help your business.