Does your agencyโ€™s link-building strategy pass the proverbial โ€˜smell testโ€™? There have been too many agencies that have left their clients in the dirt with underhanded backlinking schemesย โ€” often called โ€˜black-hat SEO,โ€™ itโ€™s no wonder that a large majority of businesses become wary the minute their agency recommends that they need to build links to their site.

We know. Digital Meal has had years of experience in rebuilding domain reputation with search engines after black-hat SEO agencies had their way with them.

At Digital Meal, we focus on clean, achievable ‘white-hat’ link building. It worksโ€”not because thereโ€™s some sort of trick involvedโ€”but rather because to get those links, we work alongside your business to position your brand and website as a valuable resource and respected authority that is desirable to link to.

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Link building in 2019

Hereโ€™s what link building for better search engine results means in 2019:

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Quality links are the number one factor to deliver more traffic to your website. When other sites quote you as an authority, the links they use become โ€˜votesโ€™ that position you higher in the rankings. As global marketing expert Neil Patel puts it, they give your page โ€˜context and powerโ€™ (As we just did with Patelโ€™s site).

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Relevant links bring more traffic to your website. Irrelevant ones do not. For example, if you have a vintage womenโ€™s clothing shop and your neighbour down the street, a chic restaurant, links to your website, itโ€™s a nice gesture, but it will do you no good with the search engines. If, however, a nationally known magazine about vintage fashions links to your shop as a great place to pick up great clothing at a fair price, thatโ€™s search engine gold.

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Diverse links capture a larger audience, and in so doing, increase your traffic and consequently, your search engine ranking. People search everywhere for information, so you need to have links from social media, curated directories, blogs, related websites, and a variety of sources.

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When you hire us to spruce up your SEO, we analyse your current link profile to compare it to your competitors. After we finish, we build a comprehensive, customised strategy that looks at your industry, your potential and current clients, and the most influential people in your industry. From these, we create a plan to get you into position as a trusted authority in your particular niche within that industry.

With that strategy in place, we carve out a higher spot in the search engine rankings for your business. Thatโ€™s what we do for our clients. And not a black hat in sight.

If youโ€™re tired of wallowing around at the bottomโ€”or even the middleโ€“of the search results, itโ€™s time for a change. Contact us today for a link building strategy that is not only relevant this year, but will continue to build links to your website for years to come.

SEO Link Building FAQs

Not all backlinks are equal. Link equity refers to how much a link is worth to your SEO efforts. How much “link juice” do you get from it?

To get the most from your SEO efforts, you need to focus on getting backlinks with good link equity.

Inbound links are those your website receives from other websites. Internal links are those you include, linking to other areas of your own website.

Both are important – so don’t neglect inbound links when creating a new piece of content.

Broken link building is a link building strategy that makes use of existing links to boost your rankings.

It involves finding broken links on other people’s websites. You then create a piece of content that fills the gap, before contacting the owner of the broken link to let them know about it.

Link building is the process of getting external websites to link back to your content.

There are many link building techniques to choose from. They will help you build the link profile of your website and let Google know your content is worth linking to.

Domain authority is a measure developed by SEO giants, Moz. It gives your website a score โ€” between 1 and 100 โ€” that helps predict the ranking power of your website.

The higher your domain authority, the more likely you are to rank well in search results for your industry keywords.

Using follow and nofollow links let Google know which links should influence rankings.

A nofollow link does not contribute to rankings. They are a necessary part of SEO โ€” helping to minimise spam and stop people paying for their rankings by buying backlinks.

Backlinks are links to your website from another website. When done right, getting high-quality links back to your website is one of the best ways to demonstrate your authority to Google.

But make sure you focus on high-quality, natural backlinks to avoid getting penalised.

Link building can be dangerous if you’re using outdated or unethical techniques.

But, when it’s done right, link building is an integral part of any SEO campaign. Take time to understand how you should implement this in your business, without breaching Google’s terms.

Imagine Google as a spider, crawling from one page to the next. If a link to a page doesn’t exist, Google can’t find it.

Instead of focusing on individual pages, think about your internal link structure as a whole.

No! This is one of the worst things you could do. Be wary of any SEO companies that encourage you to purchase links.

This used to be an effective strategy โ€” until Google realised people were doing it. There are no safe ways to cheat the system, so make sure you play by the rules.

Link building is an essential SEO technique โ€” but how you do it matters.

Avoid any black hat techniques that prioritise quantity over quality. Instead, focus on white hat techniques like:

  • Writing guest posts for high-quality websites,
  • Capitalising on brand mentions,
  • Finding broken links that can be fixed with your content.

When you link to something from your website, the anchor text is the clickable text visible to your audience.

This provides both the user and the search engine with information about the link. For best results, you should make sure your anchor text is relevant to the page it’s linking to and not too heavy on keywords.

Internal links in your content link to other pages on your website. External links send traffic to other websites โ€” and also include links from other websites to your own.

Both contribute to SEO. As well as building your external links, you should also focus on internal links to strengthen your website’s structure.