So your site isn’t getting the search or conversion traffic you feel it should be. Or maybe you’re getting a new site off the ground, and you’re just not sure how to tweak things to bring people to your door. That’s what a site audit is for. Our SEO experts will review your entire site to make sure that everything works properly, is arranged correctly and is compatible with what search engines and their traffic want to see.

We comb through a site the way a search engine would, looking at it through the eyes of Google or Bing as we optimise it. That leaves you with a site fully tuned and ready to vault ahead of the less prepared competition in the search rankings.

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How does a site audit help?

A site audit looks for a lot of different things, but we can break them down into some basic categories:

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The first is the HTML code. This is the coding language that your various web pages are made up of. Some aspects of your page, such as metadata and internal links, can drag your SEO value down if they are not configured the right way. The speed at which your site loads for visitors is also a crucial factor in search engine rank, so we’ll check for tweaks and fixes in that area.

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We also identify and correct any penalties you may have from the search engine. For example, Google may hand out penalties when your site falls afoul of their webmaster guidelines. This is not always intentional; many businesses are suffering from having unknowingly contracted with an unethical SEO company in the past, or you may even be experiencing the effects of an attack from a competitor or a breach by hackers.

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Your content also needs a going-over. Search engines want to see substantial content that is informative and useful to users. We can also identify issues with keywords, such as multiple pages that are targeting redundant keyword traffic. Are you a locally-focused business? If so, we’ll also check factors that are specific to local search ranking like your business listings and what you need to stay ahead of your direct competitors in the area.

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Finally, we examine various off-page ranking factors that can affect your SEO performance. Things like links in from other sites, reviews, and mentions on social media. While these are factors that you can’t directly control, we can provide consultation on how to best handle them.

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  • Larissa Boyanich

    We have been using Digital Meal for a while with the website and digital marketing. He's highly experienced and has always done a great job. They are very responsive and provide good advice. I've already recommended their services to other businesses and will continue to do so.

  • Liquor Barons Connolly

    Digital Meal helped to create our e-commerce website with precision and expertise. The team is well equipped with up to date knowledge and the response time to any queries was always fast. We will be continuing to work with Digital Meal to maintain our e-commerce platform and will definitely engage... read more

  • David McCay
    Davik Security

    Digital Meal have provided exceptional service in building the website for Davik Security. Awesome team and very easy to work with - highly recommended!

  • Brendan Tan

    Meng was very approachable and responded to all of my queries in a timely manner. Highly recommend Digital Meal!

  • Mystic Clue

    Meng, Cale and Issac have been of great help with setting up and aiding with the seo and various other things for Mystic Clue. Would highly recommend if you need any help with seo and web design. Thanks for everything and for more to come!

  • Scott Shorter
    Scott Shorter

    Meng is an excellent SEO/AdWords/Conversion rate specialist who I would recommend to anyone that needs help in those areas!

  • Tom Godden
    Godden Projects

    Digital Meal provided excellent, efficient service with sound website design advice and technical expertise to match. Highly recommend to anyone looking for new website construction, or improvements to existing including SEO optimisation. Congratulations to the team for a successful and desirable business model; making life easy for the non-tech savvy!

  • Ankita Makkad

    Working with Meng, Cale and the full Digital Meal team is an absolute breeze.
    Extensive knowledge of Seo and Google ads, best in Perth.

  • Richard Wu

    Meng was extremely knowledgeable about all things Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, e-mail automation, Facebook ads and web design. When we encountered a sticking point, he made it an objective to diagnose and resolve the issue within 12 hours - with a turnkey solution that was immediately plug and play.... read more

  • Mitchell Kelly
    Pathfinder Alliance

    Meng and Cale are top notch operators in web design and digital marketing, highly recommended.