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the online shopping revolution

The Online Shopping Revolution

Each year, Australians spend over A$37 billion shopping online. Digital sales are a massive part of profit for both eCommerce and brick and mortar stores. With this potential, there are a large number of competitors vying for their piece of the digital retail world. In order to ensure success, your online store must stand out. Many retailers are creating Shopify websites to help their online stores succeed in a tough market.

The Rise Of Shopify Stores

Shopify is the third largest online retailer, behind only Amazon and eBay. The giant has over 1 million merchants, in 175 countries. This is fantastic news for the eCommerce industry, but just how do you compete in that market?

SEO and Marketing Strategy

Your search engine optimization (SEO) is key to running a profitable online store. Your digital marketing must be more than just goals. Focusing on SEO, keyword research, and your online presence will help your target audience find you in the digital world.

Search engines, like Google, rely on these pieces of the puzzle to show your website to people when they do an online search. Google is the number one platform for internet searches and finding buyers. If your page isn’t near the top of the rankings, your customers won’t find your store.

In order to grow your business, your SEO strategy needs to be spot on. There is little room for error in the cutthroat online space. But if you have a strong digital marketing campaign, your company can thrive in the marketplace. SEO is an important step toward exploding sales. So, how do you begin a solid marketing campaign?

Why Shopify SEO Can Be Difficult

Why Shopify SEO Can Be Difficult

Shopify sites are set up for a user to post blogs. It also gives the user the ability to redirect traffic to a site. Both of these are useful for SEO purposes, and many people take advantage of these features. Unfortunately, Shopify can create issues with duplicate content and URLs that interfere with SEO. Some of the other features of Shopify aren’t as easy to use, such as the handling of variant product pages, structuring data, optimizing site speed, and removing unnecessary apps. This is where hiring a Shopify SEO Agency can help.

An Experienced Shopify SEO Agency

Shopify websites are popping up daily. It has quickly become the platform of choice because of its ease of use. Unfortunately, the platform has some issues that need to be addressed before your Shopify store can thrive.

Duplicate content, slower loading websites, and problems finding customers lead eCommerce store owners toward frustration and quickly create impatience. Counteract some of these issues by taking advice from a Shopify SEO company, who thoroughly understands the marketplace and has successfully helped business owners market their Shopify sites. Partner with a talented agency and overcome the Shopify issues that new and seasoned store owners face.

Increase Your Google Rankings To Create Traffic To Your Site

As a store owner, your number one goal is to send traffic to your Shopify site. ECommerce businesses do it every day. Simple right? Our SEO experts recommend the following SEO strategies:

Remove all the duplicate URLs that are produced by Shopify. These show up on your product pages and in your categories.

Focus on the basics: your page titles, headings, tags, and URLs.

Your homepage is the most important page, according to Google. Link all important products to this page.

Remove all the duplicate URLs that are produced by Shopify. These show up on your product pages and in your categories.

Create unique product descriptions for every single product.

Reduce image size for quicker loading website and pages.

Be visible on social media. Update your accounts every single day, especially Facebook and Instagram. These accounts will send traffic to your website.

No-index tags and canonical tags must be used appropriately to ensure your redirects happen as needed.

Use text on every page. Lots of text. Google loves lots of text. It’s how they categorise your website.

Blog regularly. Again, Google loves the text.

Increase your Google rankings to create traffic to your site

These simple steps are recommended in order to make your site a success. You can follow them yourself or partner with a dedicated SEO consultant for better results.

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Why Work With Us?

Our team of dedicated professionals are experienced in Shopify SEO tactics. Our proven systems can get you the results you’re looking to achieve. We tailor our Shopify SEO services to your business, so you see an increase in organic traffic and more people hitting your product pages each month. We know what the search engines are looking for when they index your pages and we make sure we’re consistently working to move you toward the top in the rankings.

We Are Experienced

We are experienced
Our team has years of combined experience in SEO services, specifically SEO for Shopify. We also have experience in online marketing, keyword research, and digital marketing strategies. We have achieved growth for a variety of online stores in many different industries. We can do the same for you.

We Are Data-Driven

We are data-driven
All campaigns we run for our clients are driven by the latest data. As Google updates its algorithms, we change our methods and designs. We never use outdated methods, as some other SEO companies do. Our clients are important. They deserve the best quality we can give them, and we aim to do just that.

We Are Transparent

We are transparent
Trust is the most important aspect of any relationship. In order to develop complete trust with our clients, we choose to be completely transparent. We will share with our clients all completed tasks, all results, and any changes we believe need to be made in the strategy. We will also discuss the strategy with our client before making any changes.

We Partner With Our Clients

We partner with our clients
We believe that building a partnership with our clients is more productive than having a client/vendor relationship. Partnering on all projects and decisions ensures the best choices are being made. We want to see our clients succeed. We want to be a part of their success. And by partnering with our clients on their web projects, we can ensure they win.

Shopify SEO FAQs

SEO companies have learned through experience what works and what does not. We execute strategic campaigns that fuel revenue growth quickly. When done right, SEO creates an organic increase in sales leads, search traffic, and sales revenue. Marketing agencies focus on much more than just your digital content. They help with:

SEO agencies have teams dedicated to e-commerce websites. These teams include SEO strategists, copywriters, designers, and web developers. They also have account managers that work directly with individual clients to ensure that your campaign is a complete success.

This is a difficult question to answer. It truly depends on where your site is starting from when the SEO work begins. For many reasons related to Google’s algorithms and other factors behind the scenes, the short answer is yes and no. Yes, SEO starts working for you immediately as it builds authority to your site. But you won’t start seeing results immediately. Most businesses start seeing positive results around 4-6 months into their SEO campaign. This time can be longer or shorting depending on a variety of factors.

No, your website will function perfectly fine without having any SEO work done. But doing the SEO work is a sure-fire way to connect with more potential customers. By ranking high on Google, or other search engines, you can increase your eCommerce sales ten-fold. You’ll have a consistent stream of new visitors to your site and you’ll see new conversions and an increase in revenue.

Spending time or money on SEO work also build credibility with your potential buyers. If you are known as a solid store with a high ranking, and you are easily visible on the internet, people are more likely to buy your products.

Search engine optimisation is the process of getting your website found on a search engine, many times, Google. The higher your website ranks, the more traffic you will get to your site. The more traffic your website gets, the more revenue you generate.

Shopify websites are easy to build, with their simple drag-and-drop interface; however, standing out is another story. That is where Shopify SEO comes into play. There are three areas to focus on to help your website stand out from your competitors.

The first is the setup of your site and store. It needs to meet search engine, specifically Google’s best practices in order to rank high. The second is backlinking to your site. This builds authority and paints you as an industry leader. The third is social media and other profiles. Ensuring these are properly created and filled out builds trust with your clients.

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