YouTube has been at the forefront of video marketing since its inception. It is a dedicated video sharing platform with over 1.3 billion users worldwide. Thatโ€™s an audience itโ€™s impossible to ignore! Almost five billion videos are now watched on YouTube every single day, with one billion of these being watched on mobile devices. Users also share YouTube videos across other social media platforms and are displayed in search engine results on Google. As consumers are 27x more likely to click through an online video ad than a standard banner ad, itโ€™s an essential market to tap into if you want to generate the maximum ROI on your marketing efforts. The merging of YouTube and Google in 2006 has only strengthened both brands in their ability to deliver quality digital video content and Google’s robust Adwords for Video platform gives you even greater digital marketing tools to expand beyond the video-sharing platform and search engine. But video production can be time-consuming and expensive, luckily that’s where we come in! If you’re a Perth business that isn’t producing video content and is relying on the same old email campaigns then it’s time to go digital with your marketing and use video!

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These days, in order to keep up with the competition, itโ€™s vital to understand how effective YouTube can be for growing brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. Many companies and brands now have their own dedicated YouTube channels where they post their ads and videos about the company. With regular video content, you can use YouTube to connect with your customers in both Perth or globally to show off your brand. Users who view your videos online can subscribe to your channel, getting notified whenever you post new content. Video is even becoming a part of email marketing campaigns as consumers want more visually engaging content from brands. Are you seeing videos from your competitors’ popup online? Don’t get left behind! With the right video production, any Perth business can be producing regular videos that will enhance their brand’s profile.

This is a great way of creating a following for your brand. Itโ€™s particularly important if your product or service is being targeted at a young demographic. 74% of millennials follow particular brands on YouTube, and 80% of consumers in this age group use video as a means of researching a purchase decision. However, as all age groups are now shown to be watching videos online, itโ€™s not just businesses with young audiences who need to be moving into the arena of video marketing. Any business; whether a local Perth business or an international one should be utilising video marketing. With 300 hours of video now being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, itโ€™s important to know what youโ€™re doing if you want to stand out from the crowd. This is where working with people who understand video marketing is key. Digital Meal is a Perth business that gets people and gets marketing. We can not only assist with your marketing efforts but also video production; making Digitial Meal your one-stop-shop for YouTube and video marketing.


YouTube now offers a form of paid advertising via the Google AdWords for Video platform. This allows you to promote your YouTube channel or a particular product through paying for your ad to appear before or during a YouTube video. Just like a traditional Google AdWords campaign, you have control over your budget and can target your advertising at specific demographics, such as by age, gender or interests. This gives you the ability to direct your video content directly to the people who are going to engage with it.

Paying for a Google AdWords video campaign will help drive more views of your videos and encourage more users to subscribe to your YouTube channel, but only if you are creating the right content and making sure your ads are targeted correctly. This is why itโ€™s important to get expert help from local Perth professionals.

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Our digital marketing expertise allows us to create social media content that is designed to engage your ideal audience and build brand awareness. Our campaigns are then targeted effectively at the people you need to see them, ensuring maximum quality conversions that are most likely to lead to sales. We understand that any video marketing campaign is only as good as the results it delivers so we ensure we use best practices at all stages of content creation and deployment with rigorous reporting. We don’t want your videos lost in the huge amount of content already out there so we strive to produce unique, engaging videos!

Our extensive knowledge of YouTube trends and Google AdWords for Video has led us to an in-depth understanding of what it takes to make your paid advertising campaign stand out on YouTube. We will work closely with you at all times, to ensure we deliver you the best possible ROI on campaigns while working within your budget. Your videos will have an impact and create engagement for your business.

If you want to run effective video marketing campaigns that will work for you and your business, get in touch for a FREE quote.

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