Do you require Perth web hosting? Local hosting for your website can make a big difference to how quickly your site loads for visitors in your area (such as Perth, Western Australia) and can be the difference in customers choosing your business or a competitorโ€™s. Your web host also needs to provide security and a local support team that can quickly and accurately answer any questions/issues you may have with your web hosting Perth.


Website hosting is an internet service which allows users to access your site through the World Wide Web.

A hosting provider provides internet connectivity and server space for your website, allowing you to upload your site files and databases, for a set cost per month (usually detailed in a hosting plan). This is done by hosting your files/databases on one of their hosting servers.

Without web hosting, your site would not be accessible to the public.

Some website hosts also provide email hosting services, allowing you to have an email/s connected to your domain name(e.g Perth hosting companies will also often provide local support as well, allowing you to contact them for any support issues you are experiencing with your current hosting plan.

These web hosts also offer a level of security on their hosting servers, keeping your website and business data safe from attackers and malicious activity.

physical web servers
servers connected to a cloud


Domain hosting is similar to web hosting in that both services are required to display your website online. Each site has a unique domain name (e.g The domain name links to your web host, which allows your site to be accessed via the web address/URL. Without a host for your website and a registered domain name, your website would not be publicly available for internet users (making it basically useless!).


Many companies in Australia offer a domain/web hosting service and allow you to register a domain. When choosing a host itโ€™s best to host your website and domain inside Australia, as this will provide the best speed and connectivity to Perth & Western Australia. Some web hosts also provide hosting & support for specific content management systems, such as WordPress. Some Australian companies providing these services can be found below:

Domain Registration
& Hosting

Does Digital Meal Offer Perth Website Hosting?

Yes! Digital Meal offer an Australian based hosting service, with a dedicated server managed by a 100% Australian owned and operated web solution provider. Our dedicated hosting server is constantly upgraded with the latest technology and infrastructure, resulting in lightning fast speeds and the highest level of security.

We understand that any down time to your website can impact your business, so thatโ€™s why our hosting server company provides us with a 99.9% uptime SLA and 24/7 support, meaning any issues are dealt with quickly and with urgency. Our dedicated server also runs daily backups, meaning any impact or down time to your business website is kept to a minimum.

Your hosting account allows for unlimited emails, comes with a free SSL and utilises the popular cPanel web hosting control panel. Starting at $30 per month, our hosting plans are perfect for businesses looking for fast, secure website hosting perth.

Contact Digital Meal today to enquire about our Perth web hosting plans. If you require help with domain registration or moving your website to a new hosting service, this is also something Digital Meal can assist with!

Read our hosting terms & conditions here.

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