What is website hosting?

Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration

Website hosting is an internet hosting service which allows users to access your website through the World Wide Web. A website host provides internet connectivity and server space for your website, allowing you to upload your website files and databases. Without web hosting, your site would not be accessible to the public.

Some website hosts also provide email hosting services, allowing you to have an emails connected to your domain name (e.g admin@yourcompanyname.com).

What is domain hosting?

Domain hosting is similar to web hosting in that both services are required to display your website online. Each site has a unique domain name (e.g digitalmeal.com.au). The domain name links to your web host, which allows your site to be accessed via the web address/URL. Without a host for your website and a registered domain name, your website would not be publicly available for internet users (making it basically useless!).

How do I get domain and web hosting for my website?

Many companies in Australia offer domain/website hosting and allow you to register a domain. When choosing a host it’s best to host your website and domain inside Australia, as this will provide the best speed and connectivity to Australian customers. Some Australian companies providing these services can be found below:

Web Hosting

Domain Registration & Hosting

Does Digital Meal offer these services?

Unfortunately Digital Meal does not offer web and domain hosting services or support at this time.

However, if you require help choosing a service or have questions regarding Web and Domain hosting, feel free to contact us here.

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