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Online shopping has rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years. This means if you sell a product or range of products, it’s vital that you have an online presence that gives your customers an easy way to purchase them online. This is where an eCommerce website comes in.

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An e-commerce platform needs to be easy to use for you and your customers. Digital Meal will work with you to streamline your customers online shopping experience by ensuring your online store front represents your brand, is easy to navigate and easy to purchase from. Your online shop will be designed and built with mobile friendliness in mind; as with the increasing usage of mobiles in today’s society, it’s important your store provides a well-rounded and enjoyable shopping experience on all devices.

Friendly E-commerce Websites for Both You and Your Customers

Your customer’s needs are important, but so are yours. For this reason, Digital Meal utilises easy to use e-commerce platforms WooCommerce and Shopify. These platforms will allow you to easily manage your online store. This means less time spent on trivial tasks and more time to focus on your customers. These platforms also allow you to connect easily to many popular payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe.

Security & Trust

Security and trust are crucial to managing an online store. You wouldn’t purchase anything online if you didn’t trust the store you are buying from and the same goes for your customers. With all e-commerce website builds Digital Meal will organise an SSL certificate, giving your customers a safe and secure online shopping experience.

Search Engine Optimisation for your Online Store

The purpose of an online goes beyond simply selling your products online, it give your business the opportunity to expand its target audience, its reach and its influence! It also opens up the possibility of bringing in new customers and clients across the globe. Digital Meal will tailor an SEO strategy that uses on page optimisation, paid advertising and more to increase the reach of your website and bring more potential customers to your doorstep.

Start Selling Online Today

An online store is a powerful asset to any business, allowing you to sell your products 24 hours a day and open your store up to a wide range of new customers. Contact Digital Meal today to find out more about starting your eCommerce journey.

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