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Need a social media marketing agency in Perth? For strategic social media management, get in touch with a Perth digital marketing agency and take control of your online marketing.

We live in a digital-dominant society and Social Media is king for most of us. It’s one of the first things we check in the morning and before bed. 26.3% of people online are on Facebook and the rest are most likely using another social media platform. So how does your brand get in front of all these people? With Social Media Marketing of course!

Social Media Marketing is a great way to generate brand awareness and reach a new audience online with specific targeting. Your brand can appear on someone’s phone, tablet or computer while they browse their feed. You can get instant feedback from customers and share your successes with them in a more personal and intimate way, creating a closeness that you just can’t get from radio and TV ads.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Which social networks are the best fit for your business objectives? Ensuring you’re on the right social media platforms will make sure you’re marketing to the right people and will keep your costs at a minimum. Once you’ve made that choice, it’s time to outfit your business page with consistent branding and to start publishing content! Our team of social media marketers can help you every step of the way; developing a Social Media strategy for your business, creating graphics that are in line with your existing brand manual and help you develop and implement a content calendar with scheduling tools that will keep your followers engaged and interacting with your business!

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Social Media Management Services

Having a plan for Social Media is only half the work. Producing great content won’t get you the organic followers that it used to as more platforms towards paid advertising. Luckily, social media campaigns can be considerably cheaper than traditional marketing channels and you have far greater control over how your ads are deployed. We can handle every aspect of Social Media Advertising for you; from setup and implementation to ad creatives and copy with regular reporting to ensure your campaigns are at their most effective.

Whether you haven’t touched your business’s Facebook page since 2015 or are looking to run your first Social Media ad campaign, contact us and lets have a chat!

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