For content creators, networkers, tech professionals, and entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is a busy hub of activity. Think of it like Facebook or any other social media platform but for business. With articles, activity feeds, messaging, and resumes, the social media site focuses on how busy professionals can connect, learn from each other, and improve the business world together.

On the one hand, this is a social media platform designed by and for professionals looking to enhance their own profile and highlight their services; on the other, it’s a great opportunity for B2B and SaaS businesses to connect with potential customers away from the distraction of our personal social media feeds. LinkedIn advertising is about a lot more than running ads on the social media platform, users of LinkedIn are more focused on the quality of the information they’re receiving and want to know the business they’re interacting with is legitimate in their industry knowledge.

While your ads on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media network might be more targeted toward eventual consumers, advertising at LinkedIn should be targeted toward business partners and potential recruits. When folks spend time on LinkedIn, they arenโ€™t browsing to see GIFs and family pictures; theyโ€™re present to work. Advertising targeting them in a professional mindset will help your ad campaign succeed and get you the results you’re looking for. LinkedIn advertising will connect you with the right audience, you just have to make sure your ads deliver the right message. That’s what services like Digital Meal are here for! Leave your digital advertising to the professionals with a company that understands social media advertising on any network.

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When you create an ad on LinkedIn, part of the process is targeting your eventual audience.ย You can do this in several ways; you can specify, for example, a job title or skill set that your ad will appeal to.ย This ensures that your ad is shown to people for whom it is most likely to be relevant. It can be a good idea to look at your own network on LinkedIn to gain an understanding of the type of content that LinkedIn users engage with so you can get a better understanding of the tone of voice to use, or you can always ask us!

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Aside from the free advertising, you can achieve with your own posts LinkedIn allows both text ads, which include a 50ร—50 graphic or a sponsored update, alongside a blog post or caption to get your message across. While sponsored updates are shown to both mobile and desktop users, only desktop users will see the text ad. You can even target LinkedIn users directly in their inbox with text ads, giving you an opportunity to start a conversation and generate leads. It’s important to remember that over half of LinkedIn’s users are on a mobile device while using the platform so make sure you use the right ads in your LinkedIn advertising campaign.

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Although many other pay-per-click advertising campaigns are structured around a particular keyword,ย LinkedIn structures its system around business characteristics. This means that you will need to consider what types of businesses will be interested in your ad. That way, you can target those companies specifically. If you’re marketing your services directly to other business this will be of vital importance as it will allow you to avoid wasting money serving ads to the wrong people.

On LinkedIn, users build a strong presence by posting blogs and articles, participating in forums, and connecting with others in their industry. Managing articles, creating forum posts, and tracking the number of impressions an ad campaign is receiving can all prove to be a complex and difficult set of tasks. Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not always make this easy. These time-heavy challenges can take away from the valuable time a business owner has each day to spend on their business. So what are you to do? Work with a Perth company specialising in social media advertising.

When we create a marketing strategy on LinkedIn for you, weโ€™ll talk to you about your business and learn what youโ€™re all about. From there, we will help you find the best way to create an approachable and maintainable strategy on the platform. Weโ€™ll help you determine the most appropriate ways to market your company, and weโ€™ll work to create that stellar reputation that will turn clicks into conversions. If you’re looking to produce regular content for your business that you want to promote; whether it be a blog, video series or infographics we can help with your digital marketing efforts.

We also know that you want to understand where your marketing dollars go. We provide thorough, detailed reports that show you how much youโ€™re paying per click, what happens when viewers click through, and how marketing is positively affecting your bottom line. We can even provide you with advice on free techniques you can employ to help with your social media advertising efforts that will get those LinkedIn users to your website!

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