If you craft, cook, or use any kind of fashion product, or your business relates to those things in any way, youโ€™ve probably experienced Pinterest. The site essentially uses graphics to organise bookmarks, called pins, for later retrieval. Users also organise their pins into different categories, called boards. People can follow each otherโ€™s boards, repin items to their own boards, and share pins with friends on other social media sites. So how can marketing on Pinterest help your business? Pinterest users are hungry for content. They use this social media platform to find new blog articles, recipes or imagery to help them in their personal or professional endeavours. If you want to use Pinterest marketing for your business then it’s imperative you get to work producing content your audience will engage with.

  • If Pinterest is going to be a viable marketing site for your business, you need to have a business that can generate a lot of pictures. Scheduling helps to spread pins out throughout the day so that your pins are always showing up in timelines and recommended pins. As a digital marketing agency, we are well-versed in using a wide variety of software and services to help you deploy your content not only on Pinterest but also across all the social media platforms you use.
  • Pinterest has also shared a great deal of information about what sizes and types of images work best on the site. Businesses can also apply for validation and get access to โ€œrich pinsโ€, which include more information than other pins. This provides you with an opportunity to put your brand right in front of potential customers, extending the online reach of your business.
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How do you advertise on pinterest?

Pinterest marketing comes in the form of promoted pins. Basically, you pay to boost the reach of a single pin. What you are looking to create with that pin determines how you pay. Having a solid idea of your brand and your marketing goals will help you decide what will work best for your business.

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Getting your pins in front of more viewers, and you pay per impression. Running a Perth-only workshop that you want people to know about? You can target locally, internationally or globally. Do you sell a product targetting a specific niche? You can serve your products directly to them with digital marketing.

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Getting more clicks and actions, and you pay per close-up, repin, or click. If you own a business in Perth then you know the benefit of producing content that people share to their friends. We can help you with marketing techniques that will help your brand produce engaging digital content for your social media.

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Getting more visits to your website, and you pay per click. Every business wants to see more visitors to their website, it’s what digital marketing is all about. Whether you sell products with an e-commerce website or want to show off what your business does driving traffic to your site will make your marketing efforts worthwhile.

Understanding which type of campaign is right for your business, manipulating graphics, and designing keywords and descriptions are all time-intensive jobs that leave CEOs focused on the wrong parts of their company. We are experts at creating Pinterest marketing campaigns, and we will happily analyse your business and help you determine the best way to move forward on this essential social media site. We assist with not only the creation and marketing of written content but also supporting graphical assets, social media imagery to ensure you and your brand make the best impression.

We know that marketing dollars are tight, and you want to see that your money is being well spent. If you’re worried about making mistakes with your social media marketing don’t worry. To help ensure that your campaign is building your business, we offer detailed reports that show you exactly how your strategies are faring and what you should be seeing on your bottom line in response to your campaign. With clear, actionable goals your brand can achieve great success on social media so speak to the Perth social marketing experts about how we can make your products shine and help you reach new customers.

Contact us today and let us get started managing your new Pinterest marketing campaign.

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