Instagram Advertising

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform, allowing users to edit and upload images and video content. They can then share their content on other social media platforms as well as Instagram, which in turn can gain them more followers. Instagram has grown massively to become one of the top social media platforms in the world and should be a part of any business looking to expand their digital marketing strategy. Instagram is especially popular with a younger audience and while traditionally having a larger female user base this has recently shifted as the social media platforms popularity continues to increase. More and more businesses are focusing their marketing towards Instagram so it’s important to consider if it’s a good fit for yours.

This has created a great opportunity for media advertising and paid advertising has begun to increase in popularity on the platform. With the purchase of Instagram by Facebook your Instagram social media advertising efforts have the added benefit of being combined with Facebook Ads meaning you can integrate Facebook advertising into your Instagram advertising strategy.

Around 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day. This is why it is essential to create advertising content that stands out. Itโ€™s useful to hire someone who understands how the platform works and how to use it to target your prospective customers. Here at Digital Meal, we have an in-depth understanding of Instagram and its users. Many Perth businesses can struggle with social media marketing on Instagram if they’re used to Facebook. It’s a different platform and users want different things from the brands they follow. If you’ve decided to focus your media marketing efforts on Instagram then you’re going to have to start thinking visually!

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Instagram allows you to purchase three types of advertising:

  • Photo ads (single pictures)
  • Video ads of up to 60 seconds in length
  • Carousel Ads (multiple pictures)

Instagram ads can be targeted by specific demographics including age, gender and interests. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, it does have access to more information about users so ads can be targeted more specifically if necessary. If you’ve run Facebook ads as part of your digital marketing then you’re already aware of the huge amount of data that Facebook provides to direct your social media marketing efforts. Utilise that information and see your Instagram ads explode with help from a local Perth agency.

Only 20 percent or less of your ad can be worded, otherwise it will be rejected from Instagram as it is a visual platform. It’s important for any business to think visually when thinking about Instagram Advertising, say more with pictures and less with words to not only use best practices but also see more engagement with your online marketing.

Paid advertising on social media allows you to choose what action you want to encourage people to take. What goal are you trying to achieve with your online marketing with social media? The actions you can aim for users to take are:

  • Clicking through to your website
  • Taking specific actions on your website
  • Encouraging users to install and engage with your mobile app
  • Creating brand awareness either locally or en masse.

At Digital Meal, we have our fingers right on the pulse of all the latest trends in social media marketing. We are highly experienced at creating eye-catching, attention-grabbing campaigns guaranteed to create brand awareness and engage your target audience. We’re an agency that understands not only the benefit of social media advertising but also in using social media as a platform to engage with your customers in a more intimate setting. Instagram gives you the opportunity to not only serve paid advertising via social media but also leverage your products and expertise to show your customers the best of your brand.

If you want to tap into the vast potential that Instagram holds for your business, contact us for a FREE quote, and start your journey into effective Instagram advertising with a marketing agency that gets social media.

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