Understanding Facebook Audiences and How They Can Help You Reach New Customers

August 12th, 2020

Anyone who’s used Facebook Ads Manager will tell you it can be frustrating at the best of times. It can also be overwhelming. Figuring out what type of campaign you want to run, ad placement, budget…. And that’s not even including the actual ads themselves!

Facebook Campaign Objective Types
A very good question Facebook…..

Probably the most useful and powerful aspect of Ads Manager is its incredible targeting capabilities through the use of Audiences. If you’ve got a basic understanding of how to set up a paid campaign then you’ve most likely set up targeting while creating an ad set. While building your campaign you can create a new audience based on things like Location, Age, Gender and more Detailed Targeting like Interests, Pages people follow or even behaviours like which device people browse Facebook on.

Example of Facebook Targeting for Renovation Business
A basic audience set up for a Renovating Business in Perth.


If you’re a new business who’s only just launched your website then doing this is a great way for you to define your target audience better. You can see who within these parameters interacted with your campaign the most and then moving forward you can tailor future campaigns to those people.

But what if you want to go a little deeper?

What if you’re a little more established and have a decent amount of regular traffic on your website?

What if you have a list of emails from your Mailchimp campaign that you want to target on social media?

This is where Custom Audiences come in.

Types of Data Sources for Facebook Custom Audiences

As you can see from the image above you have a lot of different sources that you can use to create your custom audience. For an established business that has a regular amount of traffic utilising your website as a source to build an audience from can be a great way to build a retargeting campaign. In order to do this you’re going to need to install a Facebook pixel which tracks movement from Facebook to your website.

If your business has an active presence on Facebook or Instagram you can use that data to build an audience as well. Video content can be a great source for a custom audience if you’re publishing regularly on your feed or Facebook stories as you can specifically target people who have watched your content over a certain time limit, ensuring your ads will be shown to people who are already proven to want to learn more about your business.

When it comes to Facebook Ads Manager there is a tonne of ground to cover, there a plenty of resources available online to help you understand the platform better and you can always contact your local digital marketing agency for advice.

Understanding Facebook Audiences and How They Can Help You Reach New Customers
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Understanding Facebook Audiences and How They Can Help You Reach New Customers
Audiences are a powerful tool to make sure your Facebook Ads are being shown to right people.
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