The Digital Meal Scholarship for Data Driven Digital Strategy

Digital Meal is an emerging market leader in the digital marketing space, priding ourselves on delivering data-driven, innovative marketing services to Australian businesses. From our Perth based office, we strive to deliver positive ROI and tangible value for all clients.

Digital Meal has continually offered free complimentaryΒ  mentoring to aspiring digital marketers across the state.

As the founders of Digital Meal, Meng and Cale strongly believe in the necessity of business intelligence and data analytics to drive digital marketing strategy. The youth of today have access to such vast amounts of data that were either too expensive, or not available decades ago. This provides a strong foundation for innovative marketing strategies for those that utilise this available data.

Scholarship for Digital Business Acumen

This scholarship will be rewarded to a talented individual who can showcase a unique perspective on digital business acumen using data analysis and application.

We’ve always been at the forefront of data based digital marketing. We believe that providing value, knowing your industry innovation are vital to success. So, we want to reward an individual who showcases these three values.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The Digital Meal Scholarship is a program that is committed to giving a student the opportunity for a scholarship if they can demonstrate that they are data-minded, value-driven, and show ingenuity in the digital landscape.

We will require you to prepare a mock proposal (3000 word minimum) which outlines a digital marketing strategy using data-driven business intelligence.
The data must be from a real source, and can be from anywhere, however there is no limitation on what business or organisation the case study is on, which will give you the opportunity to be as creative as you’d like with your overall strategy.

If you emerge a winner, you will receive $1000 to use in funding for your higher education.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the scholarship:
You must be a student who is currently enrolled in a trade school, college or university.


We are looking for people who are creative and who can use data in a meaningful way.
The winning proposal will be judged on:

The type of data set(s) used, and the creativity in utilizing the data for a value-driven digital marketing strategy.

Application Process:

  • Create a mock proposal that is at least 3,000 words. English only
  • The proposal should be sent as a PDF or DOC format to
  • Ensure you title proposal as “Digital Business Acumen Proposal – {full name}”
  • In your email, you must also include the following information:
    • Your name, number and mailing address
    • The name of the school you are attending and a proof of enrolment or acceptance.
    • Your area of study
    • Copies of your last 12 months of grade reports, these will form part of the overall evaluation

Once you submit the application, you give Digital Meal permission to use and display your mock proposal for promotional and marketing purposes.


The proposal must be submitted by 30th June 2019.

Selection of the winner will be done on 1st July 2019.
The selected winner must claim his/her prize within 2 weeks after being contacted and declared a new winner.

New scholarship programs will be run every year on the same date.

Scholarship Form