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First impressions do count and a logo can make or break a business.

Your logo is your brands mark, it represents you and what you stand for in whatever market or industry your business is in. A well-designed logo is memorable and can effectively communicate to your potential clients that they can have confidence in you to satisfy their needs. Your logo is also an opportunity to showcase your identity, the personality of your brand and connect with your audience.

So where do you start? What do you want your logo to say? Are you a professional brand looking to work with clients or are you marketing to a niche group local to Perth? What logos will best convey your brand identity to that audience? That’s where local Perth logo design agency Digital Meal comes in to help with creativity, experience and professional logo design services.

We are a professional digital marketing and graphic design company with years of expertise, able to assist businesses throughout the entire logo design process, from the start of the project to first concept through development to the final design.

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Effective Logo Design & Branding

After we design and create your logo, we can scale your logo design to incorporate multiple branding outputs, from a business card to a full stationery set, signage, website and branding manual. When we complete your logo design you will be provided with multiple iterations of your chosen logo to suit any possible visual & creative use you may have for it.

As part of a brand manual design we develop for you, our designers will include best practices in regards to clearance and placement to ensure your business has consistent branding across all your online and print communication platforms.

Not sure if you even need a brand manual? Contact us today via website or phone to discuss your needs or to get a free quote. See how we can set your business apart from your competitors with unique creative assets.


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Professional Graphic Design Perth, Tailor Made

There is a ton of premade graphics and logos available out in the world, but we highly recommend you don’t let your business represent someone else’s ideas or concepts. While there is plenty of software out there claiming they can help you create a truly unique logo for your business, these programs are using pre-made templates, graphics and visual imagery that millions of other people have access to.

For a truly unique logo and graphic design experience, look no further than the graphic designer team at Digital Meal based in Perth, Western Australia. Having your logo designed by a highly qualified graphic designer will ensure the logo created truly represents your business and its values.

If you’ve looked for logo design in Perth then you know there are plenty of services out there and plenty of designers offering logos and logo design, so what gives us our competitive advantage? We have the creativity, knowledge, strategy and experience to help you address and achieve your businesses goals.

We provide honest advice backed up by concrete data to help inform your logo and brand decisions which will ultimately help you get the clients you’re looking for. We’ve worked across a wide range of projects, from simple logos to web designs to full branding campaigns. Our design team understand Perth businesses, what they stand for and the value they provide to their industry.

We work closely with you to make sure the logo we develop is truly yours; ensuring a clear and concise brief is created based on our research into your company and it’s position in your industries marketplace. From there we work with you in creating a logo design that will share your story, work with your brand and assist in all of your marketing endeavours.

High Quality Logo Design Perth, Western Australia

Other designers will create and provide you with a design file and that’s the last you’ll hear from them, but not Digital Meal! Whether you’re starting your first new business, looking for a brand re-fresh or your business is expanding and you want your branding to reflect your story and the wider variety of services you bring, your logo design needs to represent every aspect of your company across every platform.

Ready to bring your brand to life? Let our talented team of web and graphic designers help create & visualise the spirit of your brand identity with a memorable logo design that will help your business market itself to the right customer audience and truly represent the values your business stands for.

We believe high quality logo design services will bring a unique point of difference to your company, represent the professional service you provide and allow you to start to connect with more potential clients.

Professional Logo Design Perth By Perth Logo Design Agency Digital Meal

We are a highly experienced and established West Australian full service design agency that can handle every graphic aspect of your branding and online marketing. When designing and creating a logo for a client, our team work to keep the design process simple and keep you updated from the very start of the project.

If you think your business needs a little extra creative help with promoting your values, products or services then contact us today via phone our through our website to get a free quote. We also provide a wide range of other services including web design, print design, SEO, Adwords, social media advertising and more.

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