User friendly website development, or user experience (UX) design, is the process of developing & designing a website to give users the best possible experience. Is the website easy to use and do I enjoy using it? Does navigating through the website make sense? These are questions that users will ask themselves while visiting your website and UX design is all about striving to make them answer β€œyes”.

A user’s experience with your website will determine if they become a regular visitor. If your website is hard to navigate, doesn’t work on mobile devices and takes too long to load, users will often make the decision to look elsewhere (and take their business with them!).

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a holographic web page design
holographic shapes and gadgets, it's really hard to describe and full on, but looks awesome.


A UX-friendly website takes a user’s experience into consideration during the development phase, ensuring user experience is put first. After all, a website is your online presence where visitors can interact with your business and get to know more about the services you offer. Why wouldn’t you want your website to be easy to use?

There are many development processes involved in making a UX-friendly website but the main factor is making sure a users experience on your website is a good one, no matter what device (such as phone/tablet) or internet connection they are using.

A mobile responsive website allows the user to easily access and navigate a website on any device. Having a mobile friendly website ensures visitors have a pleasurable browsing experience while browsing on their phone and as a result, will be more inclined to contact you regarding the great services you offer.

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  • Ankita Makkad

    Working with Meng, Cale and the full Digital Meal team is an absolute breeze.
    Extensive knowledge of Seo and Google ads, best in Perth.

  • Segals Osborne Park

    The team at Digital meal are helpful, friendly and very professional ! They have been able to create a website that is both functional, and looks great. Highly recommended

  • David McCay
    Davik Security

    Digital Meal have provided exceptional service in building the website for Davik Security. Awesome team and very easy to work with - highly recommended!

  • Tom Godden
    Godden Projects

    Digital Meal provided excellent, efficient service with sound website design advice and technical expertise to match. Highly recommend to anyone looking for new website construction, or improvements to existing including SEO optimisation. Congratulations to the team for a successful and desirable business model; making life easy for the non-tech savvy!

  • Christina Johnstone
    G Force Printing

    Meng and the team at Digital Meal are fantastic. From our first meeting we could tell their attitude and approach to SEO was different to any other SEO company we'd dealt with or spoken to and they haven't disappointed. We've quickly seen positive changes not only to rankings and the... read more

  • Mitchell Kelly
    Pathfinder Alliance

    Meng and Cale are top notch operators in web design and digital marketing, highly recommended.

  • Liquor Barons Connolly

    Digital Meal helped to create our e-commerce website with precision and expertise. The team is well equipped with up to date knowledge and the response time to any queries was always fast. We will be continuing to work with Digital Meal to maintain our e-commerce platform and will definitely engage... read more

  • Richard Wu

    Meng was extremely knowledgeable about all things Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, e-mail automation, Facebook ads and web design. When we encountered a sticking point, he made it an objective to diagnose and resolve the issue within 12 hours - with a turnkey solution that was immediately plug and play.... read more

  • Lena Garina

    The level and agility of service is impressive

  • Begum Hamilton
    Safeguard Insurance Solutions

    Digital Meal are very easy to deal with. Meng has put a lot of detail into all aspects of our SEO and we are starting to see positive results. We are glad to have left our SEO to the experts! Would highly recommend!