HTML – The website building block

HTML - the website building block

HTML is a coding language used to power almost every single website out there on the World Wide Web. You may not know this, but you interact with HTML and HTML elements every time you browse the internet. […]

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Google Penguin 4.0 – Core Algorithm Update

Google Penguin 4.0 - Core Algorithm Update

Google’s Penguin Algorithm, which is aimed at demoting sites with bad link profiles using spammy link building techniques, was first introduced in 2012 and changed the landscape of what it meant to be a β€œwhite hat link builder”. […]

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Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Wordpress Plugins

If you’ve heard about the WordPress content management system, you’ve probably heard about WordPress plugins. And you might be thinking to yourself, β€œWhat on earth are plugins and why do I need them?” […]

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(SEO) Safety First: Switching to HTTPS

SEO safety first: switching to HTTPS

In 2014, Google announced on its Webmaster Blog that it would be using HTTPS as a ranking factor in response to user demands for increased online security. This means that if you want to rank as highly as possible in Google searches, you really should be moving your website from HTTP to HTTPS. […]

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Website not mobile friendly? Not Interested.

Website not mobile friendly? Not interested

If you’ve got a website that isn’t mobile friendly, this is exactly what potential customers are saying. Why would they waste time struggling with your website on their mobile when your competitors website is so easy to use? […]

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